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Subjects covered:

Comprehensive coverage in chemistry and chemical engineering. In addition, find significant coverage in related science areas such as physics, medicine, biogenetics, food science, pharmaceuticals and materials sciences.


Includes references from nearly 9,500 currently published journals and patents from over 50 patent issuing authorities. Also included are technical reports, books, conference proceedings, and dissertations. The CA Registry contains more than 31 million organic and inorganic substances and 43 million sequences. The CAS Registry number provides a reliable link between various chemical names used to describe substances.

Unique features:

Search for research topic, author, company name, document identifier, journal or patent. Explore chemical substances and reactions with the aid of a Java plug-in. Restrict searches to various document types such as journal, patents, preprints, and more. Limit by language, year, author, or company name. Answer Sets can be saved for future use. "Keep me posted" provides for search updates to be emailed.

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