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Leonard H. Axe Library - PSU Faculty Authors
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Faculty Author Contact

For more information on the annual Faculty Author Reception, please contact:

Robert Lindsey

tel: 620-235-4887

The Twenty-Sixth Annual Faculty Author Reception (2008-2009)

Thursday, November 5th, 2009
Leonard H. Axe Library
First Floor Browsing Area
3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Donald Baack

Integrated advertising, promotion and marketing communications


Judy Berry-Bravo

Saga de los pampinos : antologi´a cri´tica del teatro salitrero


Selim Giray

Turkish music for violin & piano


Casie E. Hermansson

Bluebeard : a reader's guide to the English tradition


David P. Hurford

A Primer of statistics

Secret codes curriculum for young children


Janette Mauk



Stephen E. Meats

Midwest quarterly: a journal of contemporary thought 


Randy Roberts


Pittsburg: 15 historic postcards

Pittsburg State University: a photographic history of the first 100 years


Stephen L. Timme

Wildflowers of Southeast Kansas and bordering counties of surrounding states


Bobby Neal Winters

The book of renovations and other stories


Kelly A. Woestman

The Teaching American History project: lessons for history educators and historians


Paul W. Zagorski

Comparative politics: continuity and breakdown in the contemporary world


2009 Faculty Author Flyer

Authors Alphabetically (Printable)
Authors by Year of Reception (Printable)

Julie Allison
Suzanne Middendorf Arruda
Donald Baack
John L. Beisel
Greg G. Belcher
Doris Bergen
Judy A. Berry-Bravo
O. Gene Bicknell
J. Don Book
Thomas M. Box
Robert E. Bradley
A. O. Brown
Debbie M. S. Burns
Charles Cagle
Martin C. Campion
James L. Castner
Ward M. Cates
John Chen
Kenneth E. Clow
Dudley Cornish
Maeve L. Cummings
John R. Darling
Elwyn H. Davis
Richard Davis
Harvey R. Dean
Kathleen De Grave
Eugene DeGruson
Marjorie Donovan
Shirley K. Drew
Samuel Emielu
Dan Ferguson
Arthur Fischer
Charles C. Fischer
E. Sutton Flynt
Joanna M. Freeman
Manton C. Gibbs
Selim Giray
Collen O. Gray
L. Duane Griffiths
Paul Grimes
Surendra Gupta
Eric G. Harris
Evan Hause
Michael J. Heffernan
Oliver D. Hensley
Jeffrey Herbener
Casie Hermansson
Patrick Howle
Stephen Hoyer
Harry L. Humphries
David P Hurford
David Ross Hurley
Christopher C. Ibeh
John Iley
Mihail Ionescu
Donald Judd
M. Toby Kashefi
Robert Kehle
Maureen E. Korp
Virginia Laas
Earl W. Lee
Brenda Guenther LeTendre
Richard P. Lipka
David Lomshek
Linda Jones McCoy
Jo McDougall
Gary L. McGrath
Susan J. Marchant
John B. Marrs
Janette Mauk
Stephen E. Meats
Lyle W. Morgan II
Paul J. (Skip) Morris II
Vernon L. Morton
Reena Berger Natenberg
Robert Nickolaisen
Carolyn J. O'Hearn
Al Ortolani Jr.
Guy W. Owings
Celia A. Patterson
Robert K. Ratzlaff
T. R. Ravindranathan
Randy E. Roberts
John C. Ross
Galen L. Rupp
Alice C. Sagehorn
James B. M. Schick
Marjorie K. Schick
Janis J. Schiefelbein
Susan M. Seglie
Joan Sheverbush
Tatiana Sildus
Wm. Mark Simmons
Frank M. Slapar
Rozanne Sparks
William P. Spence
Sue Stidham
Jim L. Stillwell
Jerry R. Stockard
Stephen Lee Timme
Donald Wayne Viney
Ben S. Vineyard
Gene E. Vollen
Thomas R. Walther
Donald E. Ward
Laura Lee Washburn
John Francis Welsh
Mark E. West
Duane A. Whitbeck
Donald W. Wilson
Bobby N. Winters
Kelly A. Woestman
Paul W. Zagorski
Thimios Zaharopoulos
Janet Zepernick

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