David P. Hurford

Honored in: 2009


26th Annual Reception (2009-2010)

A Primer of statistics

Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, ©2009

ISBN: 978-0-7575-6842-8 [find in a library]

Primer of StatisticsThe Primer of Statistics presents statistics for the social sciences in a conversational format to insure comprehension. The text includes information regarding the historical development of each statistical procedure, the mechanics of the procedure with detailed information regarding the meaning of the results of the statistical procedure. The text includes descriptive statistics, graphical presentation of data, standard scores, the z, t and F distributions as well as correlation and regression.

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Secret codes curriculum for young children

Pittsburg, KS: Depco LLC, ©2009

ISBN: pending [find in a library]

Secret CodesThe Secret Codes Reading Curriculum for Young Children is an innovative, exciting approach to teaching reading. Based on research, the curriculum teaches children how to read by emphasizing the relationship between letters and their sounds. This helps build their phonological processing skills and prevent reading difficulties.  Children learn how to decode words into sounds and how to blend sounds into words. They learn to read words, sentences, and even paragraphs. They also learn spelling from early on in the curriculum. Secret Codes incorporates Response to Intervention principles through whole classroom and small group activities. Secret Codes represents the way children will be taught to read in the future!

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