Stephen L. Timme

Honored in: 1990, 1998, 2001, 2007, and 2009


26th Annual Reception (2009-2010)

Wildflowers of Southeast Kansas and bordering counties of surrounding states

[Philadelphia, Pa.] : Xlibris Corp., ©2009

ISBN: 978-1-4415-4618-0 [find in a library]

Wildflowers of Southeast KansasIn Southeast Kansas, there are more than a thousand species of vascular plants in the forests, glades, and streams. Most species begin flowering in February, while others flower through the spring, summer, and into late October and early November. Do you want to know more about these colorful species - and how important they are to us? Witness the beauty of the flower kingdom as author Stephen L. Timme takes you to paradise with his new picture book, Wildflowers of Southeast Kansas.

Arranged by flower color, the eye-catching photographs of Wildflowers of Southeast Kansas provide the readers some three hundred plus species of the one thousand two hundred or more flowering plants in southeast Kansas. Cherokee County in the most southeastern part harbors some species not found anywhere else in the state. It includes flowers found in the border counties of surrounding states - Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Each pictured species will include a common name, species name, family name, brief description of plant, flowering period, fruit type, habitat, comments, (origin of species name, any closely related species) and any medicinal or food use it may have. A glossary of terms and references are included in this book, which is helpful for students, teachers, and interested readers.

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