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Borrowing Services

Interlibrary Loan provides a means of expanding the Library's resources for PSU faculty, staff and students as well as community patrons by obtaining needed material from other libraries. This is primarily a free service and is available to all patrons with valid PSU ID and PIN using a system known as ILLiad. Materials owned by the Axe Library or one of the other Pittsburg area libraries are not obtained on Interlibrary Loan, these requests are referred to the Circulation department and a hold or recall is placed on the item.

On average, it takes at least 7-10 days to fill an ILL book request, and at least 2-3 days for journal articles, which are deposited directly into your ILLiad account. There is usually no charge to you for borrowed items, although the nationwide average cost to get a book to another library and back is almost twenty-five dollars if you consider employee salary, shipping fees, hardware and software expenses, etc.

Textbooks and other material currently sold for courses offered by PSU or other institutions are not obtained on Interlibrary Loan. Those campus bookstores can supply the material needed. CDs and DVDs may be available; however we must limit requests to ONE active DVD title, and TWO active CD titles at one time.

Renewals on borrowed items may be available, and this is done from within your ILLiad account. We do not ask for renewals on overdue items and only one renewal is granted. A renewed book, including mail time, could be away from the owning library for two months or more. A second request may be submitted and the item will be obtained from a different library (without renewals).

Due date reminders and overdue notices are automatically sent to patrons' e-mail addresses. Fines are fifty cents per day for the first and second day the item is overdue. A one dollar per day charge takes effect on the third day after the due date. Invoices on late items are sent to your e-mail account.

Charges for lost or damage items obtained on ILL will be set as designated by the owning library. Other, local charges may also apply. The Interlibrary Loan Department reserves the right to suspend ILL privileges and place holds on academic records until all charges have been paid. Replacement fees are waived if the item is returned before we reimburse the lending library. Overdue charges are not waived.

Copyright Crash Course

U. S. Copyright laws set limits on the amount of material we are able to obtain free of charge through Interlibrary Loan.

Here is a quick break down of the guidelines under which we must operate:

    • If your articles come from the current year, or previous five years of a publication, they are subject to copyright. Older publications are not subject to royalty fees.

    • Within those years, we can only obtain one article from a single issue free of charge. Two or more articles require a copyright royalty payment.

  • And, we may only obtain five articles per year from a single journal title.
Here's what we do if there are problems:

If you request more than one article from a single issue, we will try to borrow the issue for you - your original requests will be cancelled, and we create a new loan request.

We are not always able to borrow journal issues, and in that case, you may re-submit one article request.  You may re-submit them all if you are willing to pay the copyright charge on the others (we pay the actual charge, you only pay a subsidized $8.00 fee).

If you request multiple articles from various years in the 6 year copyright range, we return all of them so you may decide on how to proceed.  You may select three from separate issues, and in some cases we may further restrict that number to allow others free access to the title.  You could re-submit more, but must be willing to pay the copyright royalty fee. 

When we "Cancel" your requests...

An e-mail notice will be sent on each one.

Log into ILLiad, and decide which requests you would like free, or would be willing to pay a royalty fee to obtain. You can re-submit your cancelled requests.

To pay a royalty fee, go to the field marked "What is the Maximum Cost you would be willing to spend on this item", and select "$8.00 OK".

You will not be charged on articles we cannot obtain.

And, as always please contact us if you have more questions.

ILL Borrowing Contact

Richard Samford
eMail : rsamford@pittstate.edu
Phone : 620-235-4890
Fax : 620-235-4090