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Library Guidelines

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Guideline A
Rev. 1988

Library Guidelines are in the main informational, with relatively few having the force of regulations, and fewer yet having the force of a contract.  When the statements fall into those latter categories, they are so identified.

For ease of use, the statements are serially numbered and dated.  Guidelines are arranged as follows:
Budgets nos. 1-19
Collections nos. 20-39
Building nos. 40-49
Library Faculty
& Other Staff
nos. 50-75
Patrons nos.  76-90
Supplements nos.  A

These guidelines have been approved and accepted by the Library Faculty and/or Library Staff, and acknowledged by the University Library Committee and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Each Library unit will be provided a copy of all guidelines and should retain them in their area for reference.

Budgets (nos. 1-19)

Guideline 1 - Budget Allocations

Guideline 3 - Restricted Fee Accounts

Guideline 5 - Travel Guidelines                                                                                                 Back to Top

Collections (nos. 20-39)

General Statement - Collection Development and Deselection Criteria

Guideline 20 - Collection Development

Guideline 21 - Library Mission

Guideline 22 - Materials Selection

Guideline 23 - Challenged Materials

Guideline 24 - Receipt of Gifts

Guideline 25 - Weeding Statement - General Book Collection

Guideline 30 - Government Documents

Guideline 32 - Special Collections

Guideline 33 - University Archives                                                                                        Back to Top

Building (nos. 40-49)

Guideline 40 - Use of Library

Guideline 41 - Safety Procedures

Guideline 42 - Building Hours                                                                                            Back to Top

Library Faculty & Other Staff (nos. 50-75)

Guideline 50 - Statement on Academic Freedom and Professional Ethics

Guideline 51 - Key Dates

Guideline 52 - Guidelines for Library Services Meetings                                                    Back to Top

Patrons (nos. 76-90)

Guideline 80 - Confidentiality of Library Records

Guideline 83 - Access to Patron Electronic Devices in Library Charging Lockers

Guideline 84 - Library Lending Code 

Guideline 86 - Failure to Pay Library Charges                                                                      Back to Top

Guideline Supplements

Supplement A - Courtesy Committee


Randy Roberts
Dean of Library Services
eMail: reroberts@pittstate.edu
Phone: 620-235-4878

Betty Geier
Senior Administrative Specialist
eMail: bgeier@pittstate.edu
Phone: 620-235-4879

fax: 620-235-4298