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Banned Books Week

Tuesday, September 26th at 6:00 pm in Axe Grind area, as a partnership between Dr. Chris Anderson and the theater honor society Alpha Psi Omega, there will be a discussion and live reading of Aleen Ginsberg's poem Howl.

Wednesday, September 27th at 3:00 pm in Axe Room 115 there is a discussion about Darwin and the Curriculum, with a bit of emphasize on local history and on science education. Professors Jim McBain, Don Viney, and Chris Childers.

Thursday, September 28th at 3:00 pm in Axe Room 115, Dr. Susan Knell will have a presentation on Protecting Students' Right to Read. Her focus will be on the challenges early educators might face in K-12 environment and some of the responses to these challenges.

Open Pitt Award

Are you interested in impacting student success and completion rates by making college more affordable for students? Using open education resource (OER) textbooks is one option. These textbooks can be adopted without any changes, or faculty have the freedom to customize learning materials by adapting, editing, and remixing free resources tailoring the content to specific needs of students and course objectives.

Adopting an OER textbook is a great first step in learning more about OER implementation. In order to promote the adoption of OER textbooks at Pittsburg State, professional development awards are being offered to faculty who adopt a no-cost OER textbook to replace a traditional textbook. Six awards of $150 will be awarded for textbook adoptions for Spring 2018. The application link is located at the end of this message. Before applying, you might want to read through the following information about the Open PITT Award:

Application Evaluation

Applications will be evaluated based on the cost-savings impact the OER adoption will have upon students, the number of students affected, as well as the order in which the completed applications are received. Applications will be evaluated by the Pittsburg State OER Steering Committee. Additionally, preference will be given to faculty adopting OER for high enrollment, general education classes for which high-quality OER textbooks already exist.

Deadlines and Requirements

September 1, 2017: Applications Due
September 8, 2017: Recipients notified of award
September 2017:Meet with OER Steering Committee members to help identify OER textbook
October 13, 2017:OER text book adoption due
November and December 2017: Meet with OER Committee members
Spring 2018: Implement OER Textbook with students
August 2018: Present at PD Day with all recipients of the award

Apply for the Open Pitt Award at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/K9SR8P5

Digital revolution inspires library remodel

A construction project at Pittsburg State University’s Axe Library is a vivid example of the power of digital media to reshape the world in which we live. | more