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Daniels, Percy (1840-1916, Collection, 1868-1976

A collection of correspondence, financial and legal records, photographs, newspapers, writings, and miscellaneous materials pertaining to Percy Daniels and family. Percy Daniels (1840-1916) was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. During the Civil War, Daniels enlisted in the Union Army where he advanced to the rank of colonel. After the war he worked surveying railroads in the South. In 1868, Daniels moved to near present-day Girard, Kansas with his newly wedded wife, Eliza Ann Eddy. The couple owned and operated a farm and general store. In 1873 the family moved back to New England where Daniels was a city engineer for Worcester, Massachusetts. In 1881, the family moved back to their farm in Kansas, and Daniels became the county surveyor for Crawford County, Kansas. He became a supporter of Populism, wrote books and pamphlets on government reform, and bought the Girard Herald newspaper in 1890 to spread his political ideology. 
Collection Size: 21 folders   |  Collection #43

Department of Music, Pittsburg State University, 1919-

Recital Programs from the Department of Music at Pittsburg State University. The collection also includes some photos of opera productions, high school festivals, as well as photos, recital guest books, and correspondence from Miss Margaret Thunemann’s vocal master classes. 
Collection Size: 16 linear feet   |  Collection #36

Dillard, William Peake (1861-) Collection, 1883-1931

Personal papers and materials collected by William P. Dillard, a lawyer, judge, and democratic politician from Fort Scott, Kansas. Includes personal correspondence with lawyers and judges; speeches; and printed materials relating to women's suffrage, temperance, prohibition, Sabbath reform, and religion. Thirty-eight additional pamphlets, leaflets, and other printed materials on these subjects were removed from the Collection for cataloging. A list of the catalogued materials is appended to this guide.  
Collection Size: 13 folders   |  Collection #20

Draper, Edythe Squier (1882-1964), Papers, 1865, 1907-1974

A collection of materials relating to Edythe Squier Draper that includes correspondence, photographs, publications and manuscripts, and news clippings. Mrs. Draper was a correspondent for the Parsons Sun in Oswego, Kansas for 22 years.
Collection Size: 1.3 linear feet   |   Collection #60

Dryan, Frank, Papers, 1921-1928

The Frank Dryan Papers are comprised mostly of photographs; pay stubs obtained by Dryan while working as a coal miner in Crawford County, Kansas; correspondence and documents relating to Dryan’s involvement with self-educator and mail-order entrepreneur Alois P. Swoboda; documents relating to Dryan’s opportunities to invest in silver and lead ore mining in the Sierra Nevada Mountains; and materials relating to the Lockwood Art School, a correspondence school located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  
Collection Size: 23 folders   |  Collection #52


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Eastwood Family Papers Collection, 1918-2008

The papers in this collection pertain to the James A. Eastwood Family, who settled in Kansas and Nebraska. This collection mainly consists of the correspondences from the Eastwood Family, and miscellaneous papers pertaining to the extended Eastwood Family. 
Collection Size: 2 linear feet   |  Collection #114

Emmett, Elaine Collection, c. 1960-2000

Elaine Emmett was a poet and a lecturer for Pittsburg State University. This collection contains some of her poems, bibliographies, biographical material, an interview, and clippings.  
Collection Size: 0.4 linear feet  |  Collection #144

Eshelbrenner, Albert H. Collection, 1939-2007

This collection focuses on Albert H. Eshelbrenner, of Fort Scott, Kansas, and his brother-in-law, Francis H. Pirnat, of Frontenac, Kansas. Albert H. Eshelbrenner served in the military during World War II, as did several of his brothers and brother-in-laws, including Pirnat. This collection contains correspondence, genealogical information, publications, maps, templets, advertisements, clippings, music, and photographs. 
Collection Size: 2.5 linear feet   |   Collection #145

Eurydice Club Records, 1903-1929

Records of the Eurydice Club, at Pittsburg State University, a women's music organization, that became a chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota fraternity in 1930. The records include a constitution and bylaws; a club history; a scrapbook of photographs; clippings; performance programs; and general information about the University and its music department.  
Collection Size: 3 folders   |  Collection #29

Extension Study Club

The Extension Study Club was a study organization that was part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, the Kansas Federation of Women’s Clubs, and the Pittsburg Federation of Women’s Clubs. This group would study various subjects after their business meetings by bringing in guest lecturers. 
Collection Size: 1 linear foot   |  Collection #105


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Fairchild, Troy E. (1874-1899) Collection, Spanish-American War, 1897-1900

A collection of letters published in local newspapers from different members of the 20th Regiment Kansas Infantry United States Volunteers (U.S.V.) during the Spanish - American War. Along with a book of newspaper clippings there is a Kansas Service Medal, Rifle practice medal, business card of Troy E. Fairchild, and a Roster of the Kansas 20th Infantry U.S.V. 
Collection Size: 5 folders   |  Collection #47

Faulkner, Olive J. (1900-), Collection, 1929-1972

Personal papers and materials collected by Olive J. Faulkner, a graduate of the Kansas State Teachers College, now Pittsburg State University. The Collection pertains to Faulkner’s work as an educator, nurse, and Civil Defense official. The collection includes correspondence, certificates, clippings, manuals, photographs, pamphlets, and a commencement hood.  
Collection Size: 5 folders   |  Collection #44

Ferrell, James L. (1927-), Collection, 1944-1947

A collection of service papers, photographs, a diary, newspapers, and German service badges pertaining to James Ferrell’s service in the United States Navy on the Japanese island, IE Shima. James L. Ferrell was born 21 January 1927 in Hiwasse, Arkansas and was raised in Pittsburg, Kansas. Ferrell was also involved in the atomic bomb testing which took place at Bikini Island in the Pacific Ocean. 
Collection Size: 8 folders   |  Collection #57

First Christian Church, Cherokee, Kansas, Records, 1888-1889, 1921-1936, 1952

Minute book, charter, property deed, letter, and newspaper clipping relating to the First Christian Church of Cherokee, Crawford County, Kansas, established in 1874. Also includes a small collection of materials relating to the First Christian Church located in the community of Cherokee, in Crawford County, Kansas.  
Collection Size: 3 folders   |  Collection #90

Ford, Edsel (1928-1970) Collection, 1948-1971

The papers and materials in this collection pertain to Arkansas poet Edsel Ford (1928-1970). Included are Ford's writings, personal and professional correspondence, bibliographical and biographical materials, clippings, programs, obituaries, and tributes to his life and work. 
Collection Size: 35 folders   |  Collection #86

Fowler Family, Collection, 1829-2009

A collection of digital images of personal correspondence, photographs, documents and collected materials pertaining to members of the Fowler family of Arcadia, Kansas, and related families. The collection contains family genealogy and history, including World War II letters and newspaper clippings, photographs, and other materials about local history in southeast Kansas.  
Collection Size: 1548 images   |  Collection #53

Francis, Karen Sue, Collection, 1972-2002

A collection of materials relating to two grand jury investigations conducted in Harper County, Kansas. The investigations concern the death of William “Billy” Earl Detwiler in 1974 while he was in police custody, and the investigation of the Harper County commissioners and other county officials in 2002, regarding the Tri-County Landfill issue.  
Collection Size: 1 linear foot   |  Collection #55


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Gardner, Eugene V. Family Photograph Collection, 1925-1999

A collection of photos, news clippings, and ephemera relating to Eugene “Gene” Vernon Gardner, a professor and chairman of the Department of Technology at Pittsburg State University from 1967 to 1981. The collection consists of family photos, two news clippings, 1940 Kansas State Teacher’s College commencement announcement, and other materials. 
Collection Size: 0.4 linear feet   |   Collection #165

Gardner, Samuel R. (1943-1968), Collection, 1943-2002

Papers, artifacts, and photographs collected by and about 1st Lt. Samuel R. Gardner (1943-1968) and his family. Gardner was killed in action in Viet Nam in 1968. These materials pertain to his early childhood, high school years, military service, and posthumous memorial activities. The collections includes: correspondence, visual materials, documents, clippings, artifacts, miscellaneous materials, and scrapbook pages.  
Collection Size: 47 folders   |  Collection #45

Gebo, Rose Cordes / Lembit Rauk Papers, (1885-1999)

Photographs and biographical materials relating to the Cordes, Lahmann, Gebo, Coerlin and related families, collected by Rose Cordes Gebo and Lembit Rauk. The families were originally from the Axstedt-Harrendorf region of Germany and immigrated to America during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Members of the Cordes, Lahmann, and Coerlin families have either lived in or visited Pittsburg, Kansas. 
Collection Size: 27 folders   |  Collection #18

Graham, Elmina Collection, 1921-1959

Elmina Graham was an English Professor at Kansas State Teacher’s College (KSTC), now Pittsburg State University. She and Frances Hashbarger founded the Epsilon Chapter of Theta Sigma Upsilon, and she also started the Sigma Alpha chapter for Sigma Tau Delta. This collection contains correspondence, travel diaries and memorabilia, scrapbooks, histories of Theta Sigma Upsilon and Sigma Tau Delta, photographs and personal items for her and Hashbarger. 
Collection Size: 3 linear feet   |   Collection #146

Grand Army of the Republic, Records (1882-1979)

The General Russell Circle No. 144 was the Pittsburg, Kansas chapter for the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic. The organization was dedicated to making the surrounding area more patriotic through community service projects and special programs. This collection contains minutes and dues ledger books, programs, newsletters, and miscellaneous items. 
Collection Size: 5 volumes and 3 folders   |  Collection #115

Greene, Zula Bennington (1895-1988), Collection, 1920-1991

Personal papers and materials collected by Zula Bennington Greene, an author and columnist from Topeka, Kansas. Includes personal and professional correspondence with friends and publishers; manuscripts; newspaper articles and clippings; book reviews; poetry and psalms; programs; printed materials; and photographs and images. 
Collection Size: 45 folders   |  Collection #21

Gregory, Waylande De Santis (1905-1971), Collection 1923-1988

Correspondence, writings, photographs, and collected biographical and research materials of a noted ceramist and artist. Includes original documents and research materials collected by Pittsburg State University curator Eugene DeGruson. 
Collection Size: 38 folders   |  Collectin #12


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Hallstead Family, Collection 1862, 1868-1910

The collection is comprised of letters which passed between members of the Hallstead family of Pennsylvania between the years of 1862 and 1910. The bulk of the collection is comprised of letters from Polly Ann (Pop) Hallstead to her brother Andrew, and letters to Polly Ann from her future husband, Nelson (Nels) Walker. In addition there are letters from Mr. Orrin Hallstead to his son Andrew, and a letter from Henry Hallstead (another of Orrin's sons) written from an Army camp during the Civil War. 
Collection Size: 11 folders   |  Collection #34

Hamlin, Irving (1873-), Papers, 1912-1938

The personal papers and correspondence of Irving Hamlin of Evanston,Illinois. The papers include personal correspondence, business records, newspaper clippings, and publications relating to seances, spiritualism, and psychical research. 
Collection Size: 13 folders   |  Collection #30

Harmon Family, Collection, 1922-1945, 1970

The items in this collection came from the Harmon family of Pittsburg, Kansas. There is some information about the related Earl family that originated from the Nickerson, Reno County area, Kansas. The collection is organized into one small series pertaining to Donald L. and Jack R. Harmon who served in World War II, and other small series pertaining to other members of the Harmon, Scott, and Earl families. Many of the materials relate to school records and programs, funeral announcements for David H. and Janetta Harmon, medical records, and miscellaneous items. 
Collection Size: 9 folders   |  Collection #93

Haughawout, Margaret Elizabeth (1874-1964) Papers, 1901-1985

The correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, publications, clippings, and photographs of former Pittsburg State University English professor and author. Includes family history and papers relating to several memorial events and publications that celebrated the life and work of Haughawout. 
Collection Size: 1.3 linear feet   |  Collection #11

Hess, Harlan Collection, 1959-2001

Included in this collection of material collected by university alumnus Harlan Hess are official football game programs from 1959-1964, programs from the 1961 National Championship Camellia Bowl game, an oversized scrapbook from 1961-1986, photographs, 1961 team reunion materials, sports newsletters, and other memorabilia. 
Collection Size: 14 folders   |  Collection #98

Hobson Family Collection, 1842-2006

Records of the family of George and Mary Lane Hobson, natives of Iowa, who settled in Crawford County in 1865 and operated the first post office, school, store, saloon, and dance hall in the area that later became Pittsburg, Kansas. 
Collection Size: 2 linear feet & oversize   |  Collection #40

Hoover, Charles Guy, Sr., (1882-1945), Photographs, ca. 1907-1912

A collection of photographs and biographical sketch relating to Charles Guy Hoover, Sr., the first director of music at the Kansas State Manual Training Normal School, now Pittsburg State University. 
Collection Size: 20 photographs and 1 folder   |  Collection #96

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