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Inge, William Motter (1913-1973), Collection, 1937-2005

The papers and materials in this collection pertain to playwright William Motter Inge. Included are professional correspondence, essays, contracts, photographs, clippings, programs, biographical and bibliographical materials, and items pertaining to the annual Inge Festival held in Independence, Kansas. An extensive collection of Inge’s published works is also available in Special Collections at Pittsburg State University. 
Collection Size: 29 folders   |  Collection #71


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Jefferson Highway Association, Crawford County Division, Records, 1915-2005

Records of the Jefferson Highway Association of Crawford County. The Records consist of correspondence, minutes, newspaper articles, maps, financial expenses, pledges, legal records, a research paper, and related materials. 
Collection Size: 10 folders   |  Collection #33

Jessye, Eva (1895-1992) Collection, 1885-1994

Papers and collected materials of Dr. Eva Jessye, world-renowned choral director, writer, composer, actress, and celebrated authority on Afro-American music, speech, literature, and art. Associated with this collection are books and recorded music donated by Eva Jessye. 
Collection Size: 5 linear feet   |  Collection #9 |  Digital Collection


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Killiam, Howard D., Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Depot and Locomotive/Rolling Stock, Photograph prints, 1949-1979

Black-and-white (4x5) photographic prints taken in Southeast Kansas of Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT or Katy) Railroad depots, locomotives, and rolling stock taken by Howard D. Killam, Art Johnson, Charles Winters, and Richard Napper. 
Collection Size: 39 prints   |  Collection #68

King, Kermit C. (1909-), Collection, 1925-1975

The collection consists of papers and materials related to the life and career of university alumnus and former University of Liberia president, Kermit King (1909-2003). The collection consists of documents, photographs, correspondence, awards, personal jewelry, and miscellaneous material. 
Collection Size: 2 linear feet   |  Collection #61


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Larkin, Ethel Estella (1877-1971, Papers, 1882-1967

A collection of correspondence, employment and financial records, political documents, photographs, and other materials related to Ethel Larkin’s activities in Pittsburg, Kansas, as well as some materials pertaining to her husband, James F. Larkin. 
Collection Size: 1.2 linear feet   |  Collection #28

Layton, Elizabeth Hope (1909-1993), Collection

A collection of materials relating to Elizabeth Hope Layton, a native of Wellsville, Kansas, who took an art class at age 68, and went on to achieve national recognition for her artwork and exhibitions. The collection consists of correspondence, typewritten poems, obituary, news clippings, photograph, art sketch, a spring 2000 traveling exhibition catalog, and other papers.
Collection Size: 9 folders   |  Collection #91

League of Women Voters, Pittsburg (Kansas) Chapter, Records, 1965-1991

The records and collected materials of the Pittsburg, Kansas, chapter of the League of Women Voters, consisting of local, state, and national documents relating to the activities of the League. Associated with this collection are other publications and newspaper articles produced by the Pittsburg chapter.  
Collection Size: 1.5 linear feet   |  Collection #70

Lenski Family Papers, 1930-1947

Joe Lenski owned and operated the Cozy Theater in Pittsburg, Kansas for several years. This collection consists of Lenski family’s personal documents and memorabilia, correspondence, contracts, receipts, business papers and finances, programs, sheet music and scores, photographs, advertisements, and miscellaneous items. The material in this collection covers the local entertainment business in the early 1940s and the types of shows were popular in this area. 
Collection Size: 1.4 linear feet   |   Collection #148

Little Balkans and Camptown Racing Collection, 1981-1994

Camptown Racetrack was established in 1987 to provide greyhound racing near Pittsburg, Kansas. The collection contains correspondence, legal documents, speech transcriptions, proposals, transcripts, booklets, and other miscellaneous documents.  
Collection Size: 1 linear foot   |  Collection #128

Little Balkans Festival Association, Pittsburg, Kansas, Records, 1984-2001

Records and collected materials of the Little Balkans Festival Association, formerly Pittsburg Area Festival Association, Pittsburg, Kansas. The records consist of by-laws, articles of incorporation, minutes, agendas, financial records, correspondence, committee and event records, committee membership, calendar of events, programs and tickets, news releases, newspaper inserts, posters, souvenirs, photographs, and other materials related to the Little Balkans Days Festival. 
Collection Size: 2 linear feet   |  Collection #15

Longabach, Gordon (1936-), Papers, 1954-2006

Papers of Gordon Longabach, a graduate of Kansas State Teachers College, now Pittsburg State University, located in Pittsburg, Kansas. The papers consist of correspondence, photographs, school memorabilia, R.O.T.C. memorabilia, certificates, newspaper articles, and miscellaneous items. 
Collection Size: 10 folders   |  Collection #67


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Mahan, Ernest (1898-1985), Collection, 1919-1972

A collection of the professional and personal papers of a historian and educator from Indiana who taught at the elementary, secondary, and college levels before his retirement from the Kansas State Teacher College (now Pittsburg State University) in Pittsburg, Kansas. An extensive collection of Mahan’s research and writings on the history of the Mormon Church is held by the Utah State University Library. 
Collection Size: 1 linear foot   |  Collection #51

Marshall, Marguerite Mitchell (1911-2002), Collection, 1942-2001

This collection is comprised of various newspaper articles, family photos and slides, programs, personal cards and correspondence, financial records, and scrapbooks relating to local and national African American contributors to the Civil Rights movement, Black History and politicians. Most of the contents of the collection were focused around Black History. 
Collection Size: 1.5 linear feet   |  Collection #84

Martin Clarence, Papers, 1899-1903, 1953-1957

Letters, clippings, souvenirs, and other papers relating to Clarence Martin, a veteran of the Kansas 20th Infantry Volunteers who served in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War, 1898-1899.  
Collection Size: 2 folders   |  Collection #78

Maxwell, Hearl (1892-1974) Collection, 1911-1931

Personal papers and materials collected by Hearl Maxwell, coal miner and local union official, that primarily relate to activities of Southeast Kansas locals and to District 14 of the United Mine Workers of America. Includes correspondence, union circulars, broadsides, election and financial records, minutes, proceedings, photographs, and publications. 
Collection Size: 32 folders   |  Collection #8

McCammon, Josephine Y. (1886-19??), Papers, 1893-1968

Papers of Josephine McCammon, a woman from Valley Center, Kansas, and graduate of Washburn College, now Washburn University located in Topeka, Kansas. The papers consist of correspondence, photographs, school memorabilia, and miscellaneous materials. 
Collection Size: 8 folders   |  Collection #66

McCray, Walter (1877-1959) Papers, 1899-1983

Papers of Walter McCray, a well-known musician, who served as the second director of the Department of Music at Pittsburg State University from 1914 to 1946. The papers include personal and professional correspondence, photographs, programs, clippings, publications, musical scores, and miscellaneous items.  
Collection Size: 1.4 linear feet   |  Collection #10

McFarland, James E. (1881-1941), Collection, Spanish-American War, 1898-1900

A collection of artifacts, photographs, books and letters from the Spanish-American War collected by James E. McFarland who served with the 20th Infantry Kansas United States Volunteers. The artifacts in this collection includes a footlocker, uniforms, bayonets, stereoscope cards that show different scenes from the Philippines and Japan, and other souvenirs. 
Collection Size: 43 folders & oversize   |  Collection #48

Mendenhall, Edgar N. (1872-1961), Papers, 1894-1951

The publications, books, poems, diaries, professional and personal documents of former Pittsburg State University professor Edgar N. Mendenhall are found in this collection. From 1917 until 1941 Dr. Mendenhall taught Rural Education at the university. 
Collection Size: 7 folders   |  Collections #50

"Midlands Magazine," KRPS Radio, Pittsburg State University, Recordings, 1988-1990

Recordings of a daily thirty minute news and feature program produced and aired from 1988-1990 by KRPS Radio, a National Public Radio affiliate station located at Pittsburg State University. The recordings contain news broadcasts, weather, business reports, and interviews pertaining to regional activities and guests. 
Collection Size: 201 audio cassette tapes   |  Collection #31

Minnis, Edna, Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Office, Collection, 1938-1957

Approximately 685 pages of inter-office correspondence from the Missouri-Kansas- Texas Railroad office located in Parsons, Kansas, from 1938 to 1957, collected by Edna Minnis during her employment.  
Collection Size: 33 folders   |  Collection #69

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