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Nunn, C. George, Papers, 1909-1925

A collection of diary entries, letters, writings, music, scripts, business and financial documents, and other materials related to Mr. C. George Nunn’s activities as a traveling Minstrel show director/producer and musical composer.
Collection Size: 11 folders   |  Collection #49


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Orpheus Club Collection

Records and items from a men’s music club on campus in the late 1920’s. That would become a chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a national music fraternity. The collection consists of a scrapbook which contains member information, music programs and the history of Kansas State Teachers College and the Music Department. 
Collection Size: 1 volume   |  Collection #104

Owsley, Perry Papers

Kansas Supreme Court case documents, other case files, and newspaper articles collected by or for Perry L. Owsley during his tenure as an attorney, Special Commissioner for the Kansas Supreme Court, and Kansas Supreme Court Justice. 
Collection Size: 7 linear feet   |  Collection #74


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Paine, Albert Bigelow, Collection, 1893-1930

Albert Bigelow Paine (1861-1937) was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts and was raised in Xenia, Illinois, where he received his childhood education. At the age of twenty, Bigelow moved to St. Louis, where he trained as a photographer, leading him in 1885 to be a dealer in photographic supplies (The A. B. Paine Photo Supply Company) in Fort Scott, Kansas. After ten years, Paine sold this business in 1895 to become a full-time writer, moving to New York. He spent some time in Europe, including France where he wrote two books about Joan of Arc, leading to France awarding him the title of Chevalier in the LLégion d'honneur. Bigelow was an American author and biographer best known for his work with Mark Twain, including an authorized biography. Paine was a member of the Pulitzer Prize Committee and wrote in several genres, including fiction, humor, and verse. 
Collection Size: 0.4 linear foot   |  Collection #133

Parks, Gordon A. (1912-), Collection, 1968-2004

A collection of photographs, biographical materials, posters, and other items pertaining to the career of Gordon Parks. The materials in this collection mostly concern two movies directed by Parks; The Learning Tree and Leadbelly. A checklist of Parks’ published works held by Pittsburg State University is appended to this page. 
Collection Size: 16 folders & oversize   |  Collection #25  |  Digital Collection

Pate, Martha Collection, 1904-1986

Martha Pate was a music professor at Pittsburg State University and the organist-director at the Methodist Church in Pittsburg. This collection contains correspondence, school and professional work, programs, materials from professional organizations, religious materials, programs and information about various types of organs and the companies that produced them.  
Collection Size: 2.5 linear feet   |  Collection #150

Patterson, Rebecca Elizabeth (1911-1975), Papers, 1936, 1951-1955

Papers of Rebecca Patterson, a professor of English at Pittsburg State University from 1954 until her death. Patterson was a noted authority on the poetess, Emily Dickinson. These papers primarily reflect her activities as a teacher and Dickinson scholar. 
Collection Size: 1.5 linear feet |  Collection #7

Pelsma, John R. Collection, 1894-1958

ohn Reinder Pelsma was a Professor of Public Speaking at the State Manual Training Normal School (now Pittsburg State University) 1920 – 1950. He taught students how to utilize different speaking styles through debate, extemporaneous speech, poems, and dramas. The collection contains correspondence, biographical information, education materials, writings by Pelsma and others, printed speeches and publications, clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous items. This collection focuses on Pelsma’s work at Kansas State College of Pittsburg, now Pittsburg State University, with some documents relating to his previous spots of employment. A majority of the collection are his personal writings and the writings of others. 
Collection Size: 2 linear feet   |   Collection #151

Pendleton, Harold G. Collection, 1943-1948

A collection of World War II materials belonging to Harold G. Pendleton, who served in the United States Eighth Army Air Force, including correspondence, military service records and artifacts, photographs, various ration book/cards, as well as Kansas State Teachers College theatre programs.  
Collection Size: 1 linear foot   |   Collection #164

Peterson, Wayne Collection, 1894-1978

Wayne Gordon Peterson was an historian for the Naval Air Corps. His personal library is at the Pittsburg Public Library, and his papers on the Naval Air Corps are located at the University of Kansas. This collection consists of clippings, correspondence, contracts, publications, photographs, and personal family materials. 
Collection Size: 1.5 linear feet   |  Collection #120

Pittsburg and Midway Coal Company, Records

Records, correspondence, and other documentation from the Pittsburg and Midway Coal Company dating from the late 1920s to the mid 1930s with some from pre-1900 and post 1980. 
Collection Size: 5 linear feet   |  Collection #100

Pittsburg Fire Department, Pittsburg, Kansas, Call Register, 1907-1917

A ledger book containing a handwritten account on lined paper of fire alarm calls for Pittsburg, Kansas from January 1, 1907 through March 30, 1917. 
Collection Size: 1 volume   |  Collection #56 |  Digital Collection

Pitts, ZaSu (1894-1963), Collection, 192-2003

The photos and materials in this collection are related to actress ZaSu Pitt’s life, films and theatrical work. The collection is made up of photographs, clippings, programs, scripts, films, and promotions posters.
Collection Size: 8 folders   |  Collection #83


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Reynolds, William (1880- ), Collection, 1902, 1913-1919, 1934

Little is known about the life of W. E. Reynolds. He was born in 1880. He lived in Duluth, Minnesota; Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Lewiston, Idaho; and Jennings, Oklahoma. He wrote news articles and poetry related to laborers for various Socialist publications. He wrote two articles that were published in the International Socialist Review: one article was entitled “Wages” in November 1915 and another article, “Capturing Political Power in Oklahoma” in January 1917.
Collection Size: 3 volumes  |  Collection #106

Roberts, Neva Allen (1912-2002), Collection, 1885-2002

A collection of autobiographical work, correspondence, family history, educational and career records, legal and financial documents, photos, artifacts, organization papers, scrapbooks, news clippings, and other materials pertaining to Neva Allen Roberts, her family and her friends. 
Collection Size: 5 linear feet   |  Collection #81

Robison, Carson J. (1890-1957) Collection, 1903-1988

Biographical sketches, personal papers, publications, and recorded materials of noted country and western musician, Carson J. Robison, of Chetopa, Kansas. 
Collection Size: 15 linear feet & 54 audio cassetts   |  Collection #14 Digital Collection

Roitz, Edward J. (1955-), Papers, 1980-1984

Papers of Edward J. Roitz, Kansas State Senator for the 13th District between 1980 and 1984. The papers consist of correspondence, reports, publications, maps, memos, photographs, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material. 
Collection Size: 2.8 linear feet   |  Collection #54

Rosen, Stanley R. Collection of Labor, Labor History, and Labor Education

The Stanley R. Rosen Collection of Labor, Labor History, and Labor Education totals over 140 linear feet of papers (not including books), related to labor, labor history and education, unions, as well as Jewish culture, Chicago history, and Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal. The bulk of the papers have been added over a span of several years, and are still being added, and currently are awaiting processing. Researchers wishing to access and view the manuscript collection are urged to make an appointment. 
Collection Size: 140 linear feet and approximately 500 books

Rowe Family Papers, 1912-1920

Personal papers and collected materials of the Rowe family of Pittsburg, Kansas. Relates primarily to World War I, the American Union Against Militarism, and conscientious objectors. Includes correspondence, clippings, circulars, and other printed materials. Additional pamphlets, leaflets, and other publications relating to World War I were removed from the Papers for cataloging. A list of the removed items is appended to this guide. 
Collection Size: 17 folders   |  Collection #22

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