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Safehouse Incorporated, Kansas, Records, 1990-1998

Newsletters and brochures of Safehouse Incorporated, a private non-profit organized in 1979 to improve the quality of care and assistance to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. It serves ten counties in Southeast Kansas.
Collection Size: 2 folders   |  Collection #89

Saia, David Joseph (1904-1990), Papers, 1938-1990

Personal and professional correspondence, organizational newsletters, legal documents, and other items collected by David J. “Papa Joe” Saia during his tenure as Crawford County Commissioner and chairman of the Crawford County Democratic Party. 
Collection Size: 2.5 linear feet   |  Collection #72

Schoeppel, Andrew Frank (1894-1962) Papers, 1940-1961

Papers of Andrew Frank Schoeppel, governor of Kansas and U.S. senator. The papers consist of congressional bills, press releases, memos, statements, and miscellaneous material that relates to Schoeppel’s terms as a U.S. senator. 
Collection Size: 5.5 linear feet   |  Collection #4

Sell, Paul Stuart, Collection

Dr. Paul Stuart Sell was a longtime dentist, practicing in Independence, Kansas, and an avid musician. This collection of materials includes photographs, sheet music, songs and song books he used to play at events, and miscellaneous artifacts.
Collection Size: 10 folders   |  Collection #103

Sheppard, Jacob Ingraham (1861-1921), Collection, 1914-1922, 1976, 1991

Correspondence, biographical and genealogical information, newspaper article transcriptions, and photographs relating to the life and work of Jacob I. Sheppard, a prominent attorney from Southeast Kansas and a member of the Socialist party.
Collection Size: 9 folders   |  Collection #75

Sheverbush, Joan J. (1936-), Collection, 1982-1990

A collection of materials relating to a health-related research project and a published article titled, “Health Problems in Galena, Kansas: a Heavy Metal Mining Superfund Site.” The research project was conducted by faculty members from Pittsburg State University and the University of Kansas Medical Center.
Collection Size: 9 folders   |  Collection #95

Shillaber, Benjamin P. Collection, 1838-1890

Benjamin Penhallow Shillaber was a writer and humorist. This collections includes photocopies and transcriptions of personal and professional correspondence, biographical material, journal pages, and drafts of some of his works.  
Collection Size: 0.4 linear feet   Collection #152

Skourup Family Paper, 1915-1985

Family papers of the Skourup family, who lived near Pittsburg, Kansas since the 1860s. This collection focuses on the eldest daughter, Elnora, and contains correspondence, scrap and memory books, World War I items, publications, programs, photographs, clippings, and miscellaneous items. The collection gives an overview of local high school and college life during the World War I years, and the mid-1920s in Southeast Kansas. The collection does not contain much information about the Skourup family.  
Collection Size: 1 linear foot   |  Collection #153

Smith, Lena Martin (1887-1961), Collection, 1902-1951

The Lena Martin Smith Collection includes photographs, letters, and miscellaneous programs from events during the early years of Pittsburg State University.
Collection Size: 8 folders  |  Collection #82

Smith, Reggie Colleciton, 1902-1969

The Reggie Smith Collection contains research and military files regarding the General Russel Post No. 144, Grand Army of the Republic, and other military matters. The collection includes clippings, biographical information, correspondences, programs, documents, and publications, and material related to Margaret Grandle, who was a charter member of Russel Post No. 144.  
Collection Size: 1 linear foot   |  Collection #110

Southeast Kansas Symphony Concert, Collection, 1981-2006

The Southeast Kansas Symphony is an organization whose membership consists of Pittsburg State University students and citizens from Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri. Prior to being named the Southeast Kansas Symphony in the fall of 1981, the organization was known as the Civic (Symphony) Orchestra. It was organized in 1952 under the direction of Markwood Holmes.
Size of Collection: 16 folders  | Collection #38

Sperry-Galligar Collection (1907-1995; 1904-1975); circa 1865-2012

Theodore Sperry and Gladys Galligar were two respected Biology professors at Pittsburg State University, specializing in ecology and plant physiology. Both were involved with conservation, bird banding, and the study of native flora and animals. 
Collection Size: 25 linear feet   |  Collection #109 Digital Collection

Stafford, William E. (1914-1993), Collection, 1980-1996

A collection of correspondence, clippings, images, and writings which pertain to the poets William Stafford and Denise Low.
Collection Size: 4 folders   |  Collection #41

Stamm, David, Memoir, 1903-1917

The one volume, 149 page memoir, found in an attic at 404 West Jefferson, Pittsburg, Kansas, was handwritten, from 1903 to 1917, by David Stamm, and is a biographical sketch of his life, family history, and hardships. 
Collection Size: 1 volume   |  Collection #58

Stephens, Sara (1897-1991), Papers, 1901-1988

The papers of Sara Stephens, a teacher and long-time resident of Pittsburg, Kansas. The papers include personal and travel diaries, travel brochures, photographs, high school and college papers, clippings, reunion programs, and other papers relating to her profession and life.
Collection Size: 41 folders   |  Collection #80

Stover, Oscar (circa 1912-1988) 1942-1947

Charles Oscar Stover, best known as Oscar Stover, was the head of the instrumental music and director of the band for the Department of Music, Kansas State Teachers College, now known as Pittsburg State University, for two nonconsecutive years. The items in this collection were gathered during his tenure at KSTC. Included in this collection are correspondence, clippings, photographs, programs, and miscellaneous items. 
Collection Size: 6 folders   |  Collection #85

Strawn, Robertson I. Collection, 1932-1988

Robertson I. Strawn was a speech professor at Pittsburg State University for over forty years, as a full-time and part-time professor and lecturer. This collection contains correspondence, biographical materials, education materials, writings, publications, photographs, speeches, advertisements, clippings, records, and miscellaneous materials. 
Collection Size: 4 linear feet   |  Collection #154


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Ulery Family (1893-Present), Papers Collections, 1934-1958

The papers in this collection mainly consist of correspondences from Clyde Ulery to his parents, Flossie and Eli C. Ulery of Girard, Kansas, during his service in World War II. There are other correspondences to family in Oregon and various friends. Postcards, financial records, personal items, clippings and miscellaneous items are also in this collection. 
Collection Size: 2 linear feet   |  Collection #102

Underwood, Edna Worthley (1873-1961), Collection, 1904-1987

A collection of materials from Edna May Worthley Underwood, a writer and translator. The collection consists of correspondence, newspaper articles, writings, organizational materials, photographs, biographical information, and related materials. 
Collection Size: 1 linear foot   |  Collection #35


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Waterman, Beryl Lance Collection, 1904-1919

Beryl Lynn Lance Waterman was a Pittsburg State University alumnae who taught high school English in Duarte, California. In this collection, there are examples of notebooks on various domestic science subjects, materials that Waterman may have used in her teaching career, and publications by different departments within the United States government. There are, however, no biographical materials or correspondence, nor much information on her life after she graduated from State Manual Training Normal School, now Pittsburg State University.  
Collection Size: 2 linear feet   |  Collection #147

Watkins, Arnold Clayton (1915-1996), Collection, 1942-1945

Collection of Arnold Clayton Watkins, Corporal in the Tenth Air Corp of the Army Air Force. The collection consists of scrapbooks, photographs, and miscellaneous materials pertaining to World War II. On December 27, 1937, he married his wife, Joan F. Ovadon. Watkins was inducted into the United States Army Air Force on November 10, 1941, at Camp Crowder, Missouri. He spent World War II serving in Northern France, the Rhineland, Central Europe, and England. He was discharged from Fort Leavenworth in 1945, having attained the rank of Corporal. 
Collection Size: 3 folders & 11 envelopes   |  Collection #6 |  Digital Collection

Welsh, John F., Collection of Libertarian and Individualist Thought

The John F. Welsh Collection of Libertarian and Individualist Thought consists of books, periodicals, and pamphlets that discuss various aspects of the history and theory of individualist and egoist anarchism. Since its origin in 1987, the Collection has expanded to include literature on Ayn Rand and Objectivism, the Austrian School of Economics, Libertarianism, and the egoist thought of Max Stirner. Dr. Welsh's initial advocacy and continuing contributions to the Collection have produced the greatly expanded "Liberty Library," which houses not only the Welsh Special Collection, but also other collections donated by authors and collectors of libertarian, individualist, and anarchist literature. 
Collection Size: 750 titles

Woman's Literature Club, Cherokee, Kansas, Records, 1899-1937

Records of the Woman’s Literature Club of Cherokee, Kansas. The records consist of minute books, a financial ledger book, and a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings about club activities and a club history. The Woman’s Literature Club was organized in 1899 in Cherokee, Kansas by Jennie Graves and Mattie Howe. In 1901 the club associated with the Kansas Federation of Women’s Clubs (KFWC) in the Third District, an affiliate of the national General Federation of Women’s Clubs. 
Collection Size: 9 folders   |  Collection #79

Woodruff Family, Papers, 1896-1958

A small collection of correspondence, writings, clippings and photographs that relate to the Woodruff family from Independence, Kansas, and Bronxville, New York. Most of the materials in this collection pertain to James Montgomery Woodruff (1883- ); his wife, Helene Britt Woodruff; and their son, Montgomery Fletcher Woodruff (1918- ). Although the Woodruff and Britt families had roots in Southeast Kansas, much of this collection pertains to their lives in Bronxville, New York. Included are childhood letters from Montgomery to his parents while he is in summer camp, a letter addressed to Santa Claus, and letters regarding family experiences received by Helene. Included is one signatory letter to James Woodruff from childhood friend, explorer and filmmaker, Martin Johnson. 
Collection Size: 13 folders   |  Collection #97

Wright, Harold Bell (1872-1944) Collection, 1897-2002

Harold Bell Wright was a well-known author in the 1920s and 1930s. He wrote one autobiography and 18 novels, five of which were on New York’s Bestsellers Lists, and is believed to be America’s first millionaire author. The collection contains correspondence, biographical material, bibliographies, essays, play scripts, clippings, and photographs. 
Collection Size: 36 folders   |  Collection #76

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