Lending FAQ

Loan Policy

  • Five weeks use, no renewal
    • Newspapers on microfilm: maximum of 2 reels - one week use
    • Journals & Reference: will loan w/department approval - one week use
    • media: one week use
  • No lending fee - may charge for special shipping or other needs
  • International libraries: loan selectively - borrower pays all shipping - OCLC/IMF preferred.
Non-circulating items:
  • Reference items, including Government Documents reference
  • Special Collections (includes paperback science fiction)
  • Haldeman-Julius publications (will photocopy if condition allows, see photocopy policies)
  • Materials not owned by the Axe or KTC Libraries
  • Microfiche - EXCEPT:
    • LAC - Library of American Civilization (92x ultrafiche)
    • LEL - Library of English Literature (92x ultrafiche)

Photocopy Policy

  • Kansas Regents: free
  • Other KS, BCR, AM/BCR and LVIS: 1-50 pp free (51+pp = $5.10+)
  • Other non-Kansas: $.10 p ($5.00 min.)
  • We generally reciprocate free services when possible


  • We do not charge extra to send via Odyssey (
  • We use OCLC's "Article Exchange" for non-Odyssey libraries
  • We no longer use Ariel
  • We hold copies for one week, please contact us as soon as possible if you do not receive all pages, or if they were unreadable.


  • Theses: available for loan if second copy owned
  • Special Collections are non-circulating, will photocopy if condition and circumstance allows.
                                       We generally reciprocate free services.

FEIN: 48-6119268

Member of:
Lyrasis / BCR