Proxy FAQ

Access to Library Services Databases should be effortless.  In most cases, when coming from an off-site computer or location, you should be prompted once for user authentication through “GUS” (login and password), and then pass-through to the database you want to use.  You should not be prompted for your login or password numerous times even if you change databases, unless you accidentally close your browser window.

If your GUS “authentication” does not seem to work, here’s a few things you can do:

  • Is your caps lock key on?  Your GUS password is case sensitive.
  • Use your 7-digit GUS ID (a zero followed by six digits), not your email address as your Login.
  • Use the password/PIN unique to your GUS ID, not the password for your email or other accounts.
  • Does your password/PIN include a blank space?  Please change your password/PIN by following the “reset” link on the GUS Login Page (hyperlink under “Gus LOGIN Page”
  • The GUS password/PIN will be emailed to you at the email address specified in your GUS account; follow the links to change the password, then try to authenticate again.
  • If additional problems occur logging in to GUS, please contact the Gorilla Geeks, (hyperlink under Gorilla Geeks

If you can log in to GUS successfully but still have problems accessing the databases, here’s a few more things to try:

  • Know what browser you are using and what release version you are on.   
  • Set your browser options/settings to accept “cookies”, which are required.
  • Determine your current IP address; have your IP number ready when consulting further with Library Services staff
  • Contact Reference Librarians via chat or phone for further troubleshooting assistance. 
  • Are you accessing the database through a link on the library website?  Some resources have a special url that permits access off-campus and via wifi.  If you do not access those resources from a link on the library’s website, you will not be able access them.
  • Are you accessing the database from a location with a firewall or pop up blocking software?