Documenting the COVID-19 Pandemic at PSU

Over its 117-year history, many events at Pittsburg State University, good and bad, have become part of its rich history and heritage. The Special Collections & University Archives are often consulted for historical information about the university on a variety of subjects. 

We expect that in the near and distant future, information on how the university dealt with and handled the COVID-19 crisis will be requested and examined. Researchers will certainly be interested in exploring the historical impact of this pandemic by studying various personal accounts, reports, communications, photographs, and other primary source material that arose from these times.

To that end, the Special Collections & University Archives at Pittsburg State University is seeking to record and preserve the personal accounts of PSU students, alumni, faculty, administrators and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to help us capture and preserve PSU’s experiences during this time. Materials submitted will be gathered into a collection within the Special Collections & University Archives and made available in the future to the public as a contribution to the historical record of these events. Subjects of interest could include, but are not limited to:

  • The experience and difficulties of social distancing and self-quarantining, and how you are coping
  • The experience of suddenly switching to online instruction from a traditional class setting
  • Activities of university groups or clubs during this time
  • Displacement from student housing
  • The problems, challenges, and experiences faced by our international students
  • Grocery and sanitizing items shortages
  • Employment issues
  • Experience of staff and administrators who remained on campus during its closure

Documenting Your Experience

What to Submit?

 Suggestions for documenting your experience could include:

  • Keeping a journal or blog of your thoughts and experiences (anonymity can be requested)
  • Taking photos and/or videos of life as you see it
  • Making audio or video recordings of your experience
  • Creating artwork that reflects the period, mood, or history of the pandemic
  • Conducting research projects and products concerning the pandemic

Please keep in mind that important information for historians will include times and dates of events, observations, and entries, names of geographic locations, organizations, people, and other factual information that provides context to your story. At your request, your submission can be made anonymous to researchers.

You must be the sole creator of the content you are submitting.

Do not include any personal information, aside from names, of any individuals including yourself.


Please submit the following Submission Form ( Link ) giving Special Collections & University Archives permission to retain, use, and display your materials. 


If you have any questions, please contact Steve Cox, Curator of Special Collections and University Archives.